We are FireBot team!

A team of professors and teaching assistants from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technology Osijek


Team behind FireBot robot and the AI

Josip Balen
Project Leader

Krešimir Vdovjak
Thermal Imaging

Petar Marić
ML Image Processing

Davor Damjanović
Autonomous robot navigation

Matej Arlović
ML Image Processing

Industry collaborators


Professors and students that helped us to create FireBot

Autonomous navigation expert - Prof. Robert Cupec

Autonomous navigation expert - Karlo Nyarko, PhD.

Image processing expert - Hrvoje Leventić, PhD.

Computer engineering expert - Assoc. Prof. Ivan Aleksi

Energetic processes and thermal vision expert - Assoc. Prof. Hrvoje Glavaš

Data Annotators - FERIT students